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Clarreese La'Nay Greene

Interested in transcending the paradigm.


Welcome from the Blog's Writer


My name is Clarreese.

The world has, more or less, come to end a few times already: civilizations collapsed and people disappeared. From Roanoke to the Maya, civilization has proved fragile in the face of climate change. If we don’t do our part, trust we will perish too. Especially being in such a high-tech civilization, like the Roman society many engineers hold dear, we depend on water delivery systems, electiricty, and infrastructure in a way that we forget how fragile all that is.

What's the premise: we cannot solve our global crises with the same thought process that created it. I think it is about a global paradigm shift towards intercultural synergy and reciprocity with the land. It is already starting, with families and communities working away from the supermarket, commencing this intergenerational effort to repair relationship with land and life.


Try to live and think of the way you want our environment to be. Take steps in that direction each day. Yes it will be hard, so I wrote some things for us all to take and use and consider. That is the reason for this blog: to speak to that-- to testify. It's a life blog written by a Black woman who is in graduate school. There are many things that I have found difficult in life and times where it gets to feeling lonely. 

Breathe during the hard parts. You’re not alone in it and you are not destined to stay in it. Overcome like you are supposed to.

All the Best,

CLG (Clarreese La'Nay Greene)

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